Future Earth session at the 2019 Science Forum South Africa ignites conversations about science for innovation for impact

SASSCAL Executive Director Dr Jane M Olwoch has been serving in the Future Earth Interim Steering Committee since February 2019. Future Earth held a panel discussion on 4 December during the Innovation Bridge Technology Showcasing and Matchmaking Event and Science Forum South Africa (IBSFSA) in Pretoria titled Towards the Future Earth Regional Office for Southern Africa (FEROSA): Harmonising the sustainability research landscape. The session facilitated discussions about climate change, biodiversity and technological innovation for economic development closer to society. By bringing the people at the forefront of policy formulation and implementation and academia to discuss the issues affecting society to date the event served as a platform that stimulated and encouraged an informative discussion with participants that is envisaged to input into the FEROSA strategic vision.


Future Earth: A knowledge action network for sustainable development

SASSCAL Executive Director, Dr Jane M Olwoch has been serving as a member of the Interim Steering Committee for  Future Earth Southern Africa since February 2019. The Committee recently released the   Future Earth Regional Office for Southern Africa  (FEROSA) Operational Framework report.

Future Earth Global was founded in 2015 as an international research program designed to provide the knowledge needed to support transformations towards sustainability.  It aims to be an inclusive global research and engagement platform in order to build knowledge about the environmental and human aspects of global change, and to find solutions for sustainable development.