Mrs Jane Mubanga Chinkusu
Governing Board Member and Chairperson
Zambia: Director of Ministry of Higher Education




Hon Anna Shiweda
Governing Board Member and Vice-Chairperson
Namibia: Deputy Minister
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry



Prof Rene Haak
Governing Board Member
Germany: Head of division 723 BMBF “Global Change”
Federal Ministry of Education & Research



Prof Gabriel Luis Miguel
Governing Board Member
Angola: General Director for the National Technology Center
Ministry of High Learning, Science, Technology and Innovation


Mr Felix Monggae
Governing Board Member
Botswana: Deputy Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment, Wildlife & Tourism
Alternate – Mr Balisi Gopolang
Department of Meteorology


Dr Yonah Seleti
Governing Board Member
South Africa: Chief Director for Science Missions
Department of Science and Technology
Alternate – Mr Dumisani Mthembu
Senior specialist Multilateral Relations
Department of Science and Technology