The SASSCAL 2.0 capacity development agenda foresees the development and support of a strong network of SASSCAL Alumni. The purpose is to allow SASSCAL fellows to stay connected with SASSCAL. Through the alumni network, SASSCAL intends to inform its fellows on regional capacity and skills development programmes and initiatives, job opportunities and latest research outcomes in the field of climate change.

As a result of the academic training supported by SASSCAL in previous years, the number of graduates amounted to 64 BSc, 78 MSc and 51 PhD students by 2017. Around 270 students (SASSCAL and Non SASSCAL funded) were registered with SASSCAL by the end of 2017, some of whom have already graduated. In addition, numerous postdoctoral students finalised their research projects during and after SASSCAL 1.0. Some of these highly qualified individuals are now working at the forefront of promoting science for sustainable development in southern Africa. SASSCAL is extremely proud of its alumni for their contributions to societal and economic development in the region and elsewhere.

To ensure that SASSCAL researchers are nurtured, SASSCAL plans to offer further support and a broader networking scope to its former graduates and scholarships holders through the SASSCAL Alumni Network. A number of capacity development programmes and initiatives aimed at supporting early career researchers to reach preparedness for a scientific career, and to help strengthen the research landscape in southern Africa will be implemented in collaboration with SASSCAL partners. Some of these initiatives will include:

  • Graduate program scholarships
  • Mobility and conference awards
  • Support for attending specific summer schools or short-courses
  • Short-term exchange visits for post-doctoral student
  • Support for annual post-graduate alumni meetings
  • Mentoring awards

SASSCAL Alumni Network membership will be open free of charge to all persons who have, through SASSCAL initiatives, received academic or non-academic training, whether funded by SASSCAL, not funded, or funded  indirectly through the SASSCAL research projects.

Therefore, SASSCAL wishes to invite you to please subscribe to the SASSCAL Alumni Network by completing the SASSCAL Alumni Network Subscription Form.

For more information, please contact SASSCAL’s Human Capacity Development Coordinator: