The SASSCAL II capacity development agenda aims at developing and supporting a strong network of SASSCAL Alumni. The purpose is to allow SASSCAL graduates and scholarships holders to stay connected with SASSCAL. Through the Alumni Network, SASSCAL intends to inform its alumni on both regional and national capacity and skills development programmes and initiatives, job opportunities and latest research outcomes in the field of climate change. Information will be shared through email, SASSCAL website and/or newsletter.

SASSCAL established the current status of 79 out of 170 graduates through engagements at the Nodes. Out of these 79 students, 68 or about 86% are employed mainly in national governmental departments and institutions, academia as lecturers and researchers, as teachers in secondary schools, non-governmental organizations and consultancy firms. Some of the former students have gone on to do higher qualifications. Over 80% of the students indicated as their future plans, the improvement of research skills and pursuit of PhD studies. However, lack of research funding and scholarships for PhD studies have been advanced as major obstacles to their future plans.

To provide further support to former graduates and scholarships holders aimed at developing their skills and broadening their career options, SASSCAL plans to implement in collaboration with its partners, a number of capacity development programmes and initiatives. Some of these initiatives will include:

  • Graduate program scholarships
  • SASSCAL/WASCAL/DAAD postdoctoral alumni support mechanism
  • Mobility and conference awards
  • Support for attending specific summer schools or short-courses
  • Short-term exchange visits for post-doctoral student
  • Support for annual post-graduate alumni meetings
  • Mentoring awards

Membership of SASSCAL Alumni Network will be open of all SASSCAL graduates and scholarships holders who obtained an academic qualification (BSc, Honours, MSc or PhD) funded directly by SASSCAL or indirectly through the research projects. No fees will be charged to become a member of SASSCAL Alumni.

SASSCAL wishes to invite you to please subscribe to the SASSCAL Alumni Network by completing the Subscription Form.

For more information, please contact SASSCAL’s Human Capacity Development Coordinator: