Executive Director SASSCAL

Dr Jane Olwoch
Executive Director

Chipo Chirefu-Toto (Director of Administration and Finance) chipo.chirefu.toto@sasscal.org

Dr Prof Jörg Helmschrot (Director Science & Technology / Capacity Development) joerg.helmschrot@sasscal.org

Kevin Stephanus (Human Capacity Development Coordinator) kevin.stephanus@sasscal.org

Chipilica Barbosa (Programme Coordinator Angola) chipilica.barbosa@sasscal.org

Chimbizani Leutlwetse (Programme Administrator Botswana) chimbizani.leutlwetse@sasscal.org

Panduleni Hamukwaya (Programme Coordinator Namibia) panduleni.hamukwaya@sasscal.org

Peter Shisani (National Director South Africa) peter.shisani@sasscal.org

Dr Martin Mbewe (National Coordinator Zambia) martin.mbewe@sasscal.org

Prof Dr Norbert Jürgens (SASSCAL’s International Advisor on Scientific Research and Long -Term Sustainability) norbert.juergens@t-online.de