The SASSCAL Data and Information Portal is a publicly accessible online portal, providing environmental, weather- and climate-related data and information for the southern African region. It is accessible using any web browser at HTTP://DATA.SASSCAL.ORG

Landing page of the SASSCAL Data & Information Portal

With this data portal, SASSCAL, in collaboration with strong African and international partners from the research, the public service and the private sector, will host, safeguard and make available data and information resources openly. SASSCAL and its partners will ensure the integrity and ownership of the contributing parties.

The SASSCAL Data and Information Portal is jointly developed by SASSCAL and the Geographic Information Science Group of the University of Jena, Germany.

During the week of 19 to 22 February 2019, the SASSCAL Data and Information Portal was officially transferred from the servers managed by the University of Jena, to SASSCAL’s servers. SASSCAL is therefore proud to announce that the SASSCAL Data and Information Portal will be henceforth fully operated, maintained and further developed by the SASSCAL OADC.

The transfer was conducted during the joint technical and training workshop by the colleagues of the Open Access Data Centre (OADC) of SASSCAL and the colleagues from the University of Jena. This process involved the upgrade and configuration of the server on which to host the portal, the installation of all modules that comprise the SASSCAL Data and Information Portal, as well as the transfer of all content hosted by the Portal. A backup solution was also implemented to ensure the continuous uninterrupted service of the Portal and to safeguard the data and information resources of the web-application.

Some examples of data and information hosted and described in the SASSCAL Data and Information Portal

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