The Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL) was established by five Southern African countries: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia with support from the Federal Republic of Germany. The overall objective of SASSCAL is to improve the livelihoods of people and to enhance adaptive land use and sustainable economic development in Southern Africa under the global change conditions with focus on research, capacity development and the provision of appropriate products and service.

The SASSCAL Regional Secretariat, is seeking to recruit a Director of Science and Technology/Capacity Development – (Windhoek, Namibia). Reporting to the Executive Director, SASSCAL Regional Secretariat.

The Director of Science and Technology/Capacity Development will head the Division of Science and Technology/Capacity Development. She/he will lead and coordinate the SASSCAL Research Portfolio in 5 Member States (Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. In so doing, he/she will work very closely with SASSCAL Programme Coordinators. The Director of Science, Technology and HCD is also expected to oversee the SASSCAL Open Access Data Centre and lead the production of relevant products and services. He/she is also responsible for dissemination of products, services and information as well as leading the implementation of SASSCAL Human Capital Development Program. Furthermore, he /she is responsible for leading grant proposal preparation as part of SASSCAL’s resource mobilisation strategy. She/he should be able to work under pressure and multi-task effectively.

Duty station: SASSCAL Regional Secretariat, Windhoek, Namibia

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